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Dental Implants

Why Choose Dental Implants?

  1. Dental implants are permanent restoration.
  2. They are an affordable and often quick way to replace missing teeth, sometimes in just one appointment
  3. Using dental implants, we are able to restore your teeth with minimal discomfort.
  4. Unlike dentures, dental implants allow you to eat all of the foods you could eat with your natural teeth.
  5. Bring back your most confident smile.

What is a Dental Implant?

Simply put, a dental implant is an artificial tooth that is fixed permanently into the bone. The latest technology in dental implant procedures enables us to provide you with a permanent option for tooth replacement that is both affordable & predictable.

The dental implant procedure involves placing a small titanium post into the bone; we then allow it to heal for a period of 2-4 months - this allows the titanium implant to fuse completely to the bone. Once the bone has fused around the implant, that small titanium post acts as a permanent “root”. Finally, a beautiful, natural looking porcelain tooth is fabricated and fastened securely onto the titanium “root”. Sometimes we are able to bypass the 2-4 months that are usually needed for the bone to fuse to the implant and add a temporary porcelain tooth onto the “root” the same day that the implant is placed. This is especially helpful when a patient is missing a tooth in a very aesthetic area, such as the upper front teeth. This same-day implant technique can often make it possible for us to replace a missing tooth or teeth on the day that the damaged teeth are extracted.

As well as replacing individual missing teeth, implants can also be used to support replacing several missing adjacent teeth with permanent bridges. We can also use dental implants to support a denture, meaning that a traditional denture can be stabilized and secured instead of just relying on suction or gravity to keep it in place. This stable, secure type of restoration looks, feels and functions more like natural teeth. thanks to innovations in dental implant technology, dentures, bridges and other tooth replacement technology are definitely becoming a thing of the past! Whether you are simply starting to think about tooth replacement, or hoping to replace ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures that you have had for many years, dental implants just may be the solution that you are searching for. Contact the Markham Stouffville Smile Centre if you have any questions at all about dental implants. Feel free to stop by the office or call to book a no obligation, FREE consult for more information and a chance to meet with our team.

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