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Sleep dentistry and Sedation

At Markham Stouffville Smile Centre, we understand that there are many people that have difficulty maintaining optimal oral health and wellness, even though they know how important it is. We understand that having dental treatment is a source of anxiety for many people. If you are nervous about dental treatment, you are not alone! Many people suffer from a fear of dentistry. Sometimes this fear or anxiety can even be so severe that it prevents a person from even booking an appointment, and certainly makes routine preventive care difficult, if not impossible. At the Smile Centre, we are able to offer several options to help alleviate dental fear or anxiety. We can use a little nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or a pill (oral sedation) to help take the edge off for a slightly nervous patient, or we can utilize IV sedation to give even the most nervous patient a twilight or dream-like feeling throughout the appointment. You can relax your way through the whole appointment.

Sedation options are not just for the fearful; there are many people who can benefit from sedation options, including:

  • Children who are afraid or anxious, who are too young, or have a disability making it difficult for them to understand treatment
  • People suffering with a bad gag reflex who have a hard time during dental procedures
  • Adults who have severe dental phobia
  • Patients who have a fear of needles (dental freezing)

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Many people are nervous of dental treatment, which can make a dental appointment uncomfortable. For the patient that is a little anxious or nervous, we often recommend laughing gas to “take the edge off”. Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas will help to keep you relaxed and calm throughout the entire dental appointment. One of the biggest benefits of using laughing gas over other sedation options is that the effects are completely gone within a few minutes of finishing the dental procedure. This means that you will not need accompaniment or a ride home after your appointment.

Oral Sedation (Pills)

Another option if you suffer from anxiety about your dental appointment is oral sedation. We use a medication prescribed at an ideal dosage to induce sleepiness and comfort. This alleviates your anxiety, while providing a conscious level of relaxation. Often people actually drift off into a relaxed dream-like state during their procedure.

IV Sedation (Intravenous)

IV sedation is another option for those patients that feel that they need a deeper level of relaxation for their dental treatment. While you do remain conscious throughout your dental appointment so that you are able to communicate and follow some instructions given by the dental team throughout your appointment, you will feel relaxed and dream-like. Some patients even fall asleep completely during this type of sedation. This technique is different from complete general anesthesia, which renders a person completely unconscious throughout the entire dental appointment.

The team at Markham Stouffville Smile Centre is able to guide you in choosing the best sedation option for you.

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