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Dental Surgery Procedure

Dental Surgery

A number of surgical procedures are available in the complex field of dental surgery. Your dentist will use your history along with a full evaluation of your dental health to make a decision about which procedures you may need.

Tooth loss and impacted teeth are conditions that will require dental surgery. Certain forms of dental surgery can be performed in a single visit, while more complicated types of surgery may require subsequent visits.

Our surgeons are qualified and skilled in performing a number of routine procedures and highly complex procedures. If you need to have a tooth extracted or when you come in for dental implants, our team at Markham-Stouffville Smile Centre are happy to assist you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are extremely useful in situations where a person has lost a tooth due to either injury or infection. They can serve as an optional alternative for dental bridges or dentures. The implants will be surgically anchored into your jawbone and they are basically substitutes for the root portions of your teeth. These implants also stabilize the newly placed artificial teeth.

Tooth Extractions

Surgical tooth extractions are much more complicated than the routine tooth extractions at your dentist. These extractions are generally reserved for teeth that haven’t erupted through the gums. During the procedure the oral surgeon makes a small incision into the gums. A sedation method will be chosen to help make the patient more comfortable.

Wisdom teeth, of all of your teeth, are the last to erupt. When they align correctly and if there are no issues concerning the gum tissue, your wisdom teeth do not have to be extracted. The thing is that this is most often not the case. Your wisdom teeth need to be removed when they have trouble erupting. Impacted teeth can cause several problems and they end up growing in all directions, unpredictably, while trying to find the path that will assist them in erupting successfully.

When wisdom teeth erupt only partially, an opening normally forms around the tooth that creates the opportunity for an infection to develop. This will lead to uncomfortable symptoms like swelling and pain. The pressure that is created as a result could move your other teeth and inevitably affect the alignment of your teeth. This whole issue can be avoided if you have your wisdom teeth removed early on. Early removal is generally recommended to prevent dental problems that may arise at a later stage.

Our skilled surgeons are trained to perform a number of dental surgery procedures. At Markham-Stouffville Smile Centre, we are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your upcoming dental surgery. We provide all dental care services at our dental offices in Markham, ON.

Dental Surgery Procedure

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