5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your New Markham Family Dentist

13 June, 2018

Your first appointment with a family dentist is a great time to ask some questions that you never got around to asking your last one. What is a family dentist for if not to help you develop the best dental hygiene habits possible? In preparation for the appointment, use this quick list and be prepared to make some notes as the professional answers the questions. You’ll find that most Markham family dentists are happy to answer these and any other questions that patients have on their minds.

Am I Using the Right Type of Toothbrush?

As the Markham family dentist will explain, choosing the right toothbrush does mean paying attention to several factors. The bristles are a good example. Many people do well with soft bristles, but others fare better with medium or hard bristles. The shape and size of the head, whether to use a powered brush or a manual one, and even the type of grip on the device matter. The best family dentist makes recommendations based on the specific dental needs of each patient.

What Should Be in the Toothpaste I Choose?

You know about flouride, but is there anything else that should be in your toothpaste? Most Markham family dentists will explain that the condition of your teeth will make a difference. something that also includes a whitening agent may be a good idea. Maybe ingredients that help to improve tartar control would be good for you. The family dentist may suggest you select a product designed for people with sensitive teeth.

As with toothbrushes, family dentists in Markham-Stouffville typically base recommendations for toothpaste based on what would work best for their individual patients. One you have a suggestion, give it a try for a month and see what you think.

How Many Times Per Day Should I Brush?

Your local family dentist is likely to recommend that you brush at least twice a day. Keep in mind that’s the minimum. That same dentist is likely to mention that if you can brush after each meal that would be even better.

It’s true that family dentists caution patients about brushing too often as well as not enough. Your best bet is to confine the brushing to after meals and perhaps just before bedtime.

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

If you ask your family dentist about flossing, the response is likely to be a positive one. Flossing should definitely be part of your regular dental hygiene routine. As the Markham family dentist will explain, flossing reduces residue that’s collected in between the teeth and along the gum line. That residue can increase the chances of developing gum disease or cavities. The best family dentist will recommend floss with certain qualities, and even show you the correct way to use the product.

Does Mouthwash Really Make a Difference?

Family dentists know that mouthwash is for more than freshening breath. The right kind also reduces the buildup of plaque. That also helps reduce the odds for cavities and other dental issues. Your family dentist can help you decide if the alcohol-free products will work for you, or if you would do well to use one that has a small amount of alcohol plus a few other key ingredients.

Proper dental care involves more than asking what is a family dentist and then showing up for an annual exam. You want to build rapport with your family dentist in Markham-Stouffville and get to a point you feel comfortable asking any type of dental-related question. After asking around about options for a “family dentist near me” and making an appointment, ask that local family dentist a question or two. It won’t be long before you fee perfectly free to ask all the questions you wonder about but never got around to asking before.