What are The Most Common Issues Someone Sees an Emergency Dentist For?

02 April, 2018 Emergency Dentist

Seeking emergency dental support is something that no one wants to experience. Even so, the majority of people will need this type of help at some time during their lives. You may not be aware of constitutes a dental emergency. To help you know when such a call for help is appropriate, here are some examples.

Complications After a Dental Procedure

You had a recent procedure and the dental team was clear on what you could expect during the recovery period. Unfortunately, something different is happening. That something different happens to hurt a great deal. Do you tough it out and hope things get better or do you make a call and try to see someone as quickly as possible?

The latter choice is the way to go. There’s some complication from the procedure and it needs to be addressed immediately. Doing so will eliminate the pain and get your recovery back on track.

Sudden Acute Pain or Inflammation

You wake up on a Saturday morning and a molar is aching. There’s also some swelling under the molar. You can bet that an infection has set up and it needs to be treated quickly. An emergency dentist will take one look at the problem and know what to do. By Saturday afternoon, you will be on the way to getting things back to normal.

Loosened Teeth

A nasty fall left a few of your teeth a little loose. That may not seem like a big thing, but there is an increased risk of damage until they are properly seated again. Your best bet is to go straight to a clinic that offers emergency dental services and undergo an examination. They will provide help in stabilizing the teeth and preventing complications from developing.

Teeth That are Knocked Out

If anything leads to knocking out a tooth, there is a small window of opportunity to insert the tooth again and save it. Call a dental clinic at once and explain what has happened. You will receive instructions on how to take proper care of the tooth, what to do about the swelling, and how much time you have to get to the clinic. In the best-case scenario, all will go well and the tooth will be back in place and thrive for years.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Chipped or cracked teeth need quick attention. You don’t need additional stress or pressure on the tooth leading to more cracking. If the chip is severe, it could lead to a lot of pain shortly. Get help quickly and the emergency dental team can clean the tooth, apply a veneer, and use a cap to fill in the chipped area.

Lost Filling

Having a filling pop out may not seem like a big deal until you realize what problems that open space can trigger. With no protection, the dentin may be adversely affected. The tooth may become extremely sensitive, up to the point of damaging the nerve. Your best bet is to find someone who can help with this dental emergency in Markham by replacing the filling without delay.

Never hesitate to seek dental help when there is a problem. A professional can determine if the situation does need attention now or if it can wait until the next business day. If it is a real emergency, getting help now will save a lot of pain and trouble later.