When is All-on-4 the Best Option? 5 Factors to Consider When Creating Your Dental Treatment Plan

29 June, 2018 All on four

You do have more than one solution for replacing your natural teeth. One approach that you should consider closely is known as the All on Four. Sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day, there are times when the all on four solution is really the best. Here are five factors to consider before making a final choice. There’s a good chance these factors will confirm that All on Four implants are right for you.

Stable Even When Your Bone Structure is Weaker

What is All on Four and why is it best? For people with weakened jaw bone structure, this solution provides the chance to have a beautiful set of teeth without having to undergo all sorts of procedures to reinforce the bone. People who tried dentures for a few years and saw the jaws shrink and shift a little are especially strong candidates for this implant solution because it’s possible to install the implants in a way that places less stress on the softer bones. Your dental expert will explain the specifics.

A Fast Solution

Many people are amazed at how quickly a procedure for All on Four in Markham can be completed. One day is all it takes to install the implants and attach the temporary dental plates. The patient will return a few days later to receive the permanent plates. Compare that to weeks or months getting individual implants and you’ll see why this solution makes sense.

Easy Maintenance

It’s true that individual implants are easier to care for than dentures. You will also find that maintenance for the All on Four solution is even easier. People who want to keep their dental hygiene routine as simple as possible definitely should look at this approach above all others.

An Affordable Choice

The overall All on Four cost is much more affordable than many people think. Unlike dentures, this is a permanent solution. You save a lot of money in the years to come since the plates hold up well for decades. Even if you should damage one, it can often be repaired quickly. Compare that to having to purchase new dentures at least once a decade.

Then There’s The Smile

Walk into the dental clinic with no teeth and emerge with a beautiful smile. The plates look perfectly natural, so smile all you like. There’s no longer the need to hide behind a napkin or your hand. Let the world see what a brilliant smile you possess.

So when is All on 4 the best option? When other solutions would take too long, cost quite a bit more in the long run, and be more trouble to maintain properly are just a few of the possible responses. Talk with your dental expert about the relative lack of All on Four problems, compare this option to the rest, and you will soon see why so many patients would not settle for anything else.