What Are Mercury Free Fillings?

14 May, 2018 Mercury Free Fillings

When you have a cavity, there’s the need to remove the decayed portion and replace it with a filling. For many years, various types of amalgam were used for those fillings. In some places, amalgam is still used. An alternative is to go with what’s known as a mercury free or amalgam free filling. Here are some things you should know about this option and why it’s worth considering.

What are Mercury Free Fillings?

Mercury free fillings are non amalgam fillings that do not contain any traces of mercury. Many types of amalgams that may be referred to as silver or gold amalgams contain some amount of mercury. While popular for many years, many dentists prefer to rely on composite fillings that do not contain any mercury at all. In fact, you will find Markham dentists who do not recommend amalgam fillings to their patients at all.

Are Mercury Free Fillings Better for Your Teeth?

There is evidence that mercury free fillings in Markham are not as invasive as other filling options. In other words, the filling is less likely to cause additional damage to healthy teeth tissue. There are some cases of amalgam fillings eventually leading to cracking or other damage. There is even some risk to the tooth root.

Opting for a mercury free filling minimizes the potential for more damage to take place. The material will not weaken the remaining tissue. That helps protect the nerves in the root and reduces the potential for periodic pain.

How About Longevity?

While the idea of no additional damage sounds great, how long will a mercury free filling last? you can expect this type of filling to last just as long as any of the other types of fillings. In cases involving children, there is even some evidence that mercury free fillings will last longer than the older amalgam fillings.

Will The Fillings Take Longer to Install?

There is no difference in the amount of time it takes to install a mercury free filling compared to an amalgam filling. The process is basically the same and the materials are just as easy for the dental professional to handle.

What if the Filling Needs Repair?

This is one area where mercury free fillings are a better choice than the older amalgam fillings. Repairing a damaged filling that is mercury free takes less time and effort than repairing the older style filling. That’s because the materials are easier to work with and the professional can get the job done faster.

Fillings and the Environment

Mercury free fillings don’t pose the health risks that we now know are associated with the use of mercury in any form. In addition, the newer filling option is better for the environment. Since it is healthier for you and kinder to the environment, it makes sense to go with a mercury free filling.

There is more to learn about mercury free fillings and how they compare to other options. Talk with your dentist today and go over the merits of this solution. You will find that mercury free fillings are best for you today and in the long run.