What are Some of The Benefits of Having the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

18 May, 2018 Teeth in a Day

The last of your natural teeth have to go. Now you have to decide what will replace them. An expert in Markham family dentistry can help you compare different solutions like dentures and dental implants. One of the options you want to talk about is known as Teeth in a Day. Here are some of the benefits that come with this solution.

A Full Set of Teeth Quickly

Teeth in a Day is a type of dental implant solution. The difference between this approach and the installation of individual implants is that it takes less time. With this solution, four to six implants are placed strategically along the upper and lower gums. A prosthesis that looks like a full set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those implants. It’s possible to install the implants in a single day and attached the two plates. Depending on how well the implantation process goes, it may be necessary to return the second day to attach the plates. In any event, the patient has a full set of functional teeth in very little time.

Preservation of the Jawbone

Dentures do nothing to preserve the shape of the jaws. Without teeth to provide support for the bone, it’s just a matter of time before the tissue begins to shift and draw inward. That leads to the sunken appearance that many people with dentures experience. Thanks to the way the implants are placed, the Teeth in a Day in Markham preserve the shape and integrity of the jawbone. You’ll never have to undergo the radical change in your appearance that comes with dentures.

Chewing With No Pain

This solution allows you to enjoy chewing again. Unlike dentures that must be held in place using some sort of adhesive, the implants anchor the plates securely. You can bite into an apple or chew on any type of food without worrying about slippage, pain, or damage. Once the tissue around the implants heal, there will be no discomfort at all.

Easy Care
Teeth in a Day require nothing out of the ordinary in terms of dental hygiene. You can brush them just as you used to do with your natural teeth. Use mouthwash whenever you like. Flossing is no longer necessary, but you do need to see a dentist for annual checkups. You also want to schedule two cleanings a year to remove any residue left on the plate surfaces.

Long Lasting Solution

Dentures have to be replaced after several years. The same is not true for your Teeth in a Day solution. There’s every possibility that the plates will last for the rest of your life. At the very least, you can expect to get two or three decades of use before replacing them.

The bottom line is that Teeth in a Day is a solution you want to explore. Talk with your dental professional about this option and determine if you are a candidate. If so, a full set of teeth could be yours in less time than you thought possible.